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UNM Teaching Kitchen

Albuquerque New Mexico

Located on Central next to the University of New Mexico Main Campus this building serves as an culinary school but doubles as a restaurant that's ran by the students. Above the school are two residences intended for the visiting chefs that run the school and the restaurant. The students are taught during the day and then are expected to work the restaurant in the evening using what they have learned.  

The restaurant is located on the 1st floor in the center of the building so that all can watch and be involved in the food they order. The teaching kitchen is located on the mezzanine level so students can watch the instructors down below.

8.11 section render 3 light.png

Section Rendering

Dinning floor plan.jpg

1ST Floor Plan

Mezzanine plan.jpg

Mezzanine Level Plan

2nd floor plan.jpg

2ND Floor Plan

exploded iso.jpg

Exploded Isometric

Resturant movement diagram.jpg

Circulation Diagram

Kitchen levels building diagram.jpg

Kitchen Publicness Diagram

Kitchen view building diagram.jpg

Cooking Visability Diagram

Interior rendering day.jpg

Interior Rendering

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