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Ribbon Pavilion
Computational Design Competition,
NYC Highline

Computational Design Competition "Terra X Terra". The Ribbon Pavilion was designed as a mobile pavilion that can be installed a disassembled in various locations. The project emphasizes the concept of gradient through the pavilion and is shown with the opening of each ribbon, the increasing size of panels and the color shift of light as one passes through the pavilion. Each panel is offset at a random distance allowing light to bounce inward then reflected outside to invite people in from a distance. Panels prevent direct light inside pavilion but instead create a glowing effect within. The Ribbon pavilion acts as a beacon for social gathering and can be installed in any flat location. Fabricated with individual rolled steel frames and joined by a steel rod. 

First competition done that solely uses computational design techniques through the use of grasshopper and rhino modeling. Rendered in Keyshot.

Interior rendering.jpg
detail rendering.jpg
assembly diagram 2.jpgPIECE 4.jpg
horizontal section.jpgPIECE 2.jpg
assembly diagram-dissasembly diagram.jpg
assembly diagram.jpg PIECE 3.jpg
for ig 2.jpg
for ig 3.jpg
for ig 4.jpg
for ig 1.jpg
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