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UNM Community Resource Center

Albuquerque New Mexico

Located on UNM south campus along Central and Girard, the UNM Community Resource Center is designed to be used as an alternative to policing in the University area. The University area has a high homeless population as well as high crime, the resource center provides the utilities for the community to better itself without negative police intervention. 

The building was largely inspired by the light panels at the wise pies arena. The modular light panels are designed to act as a beacon for the building to attract people in need to its services. Not only do the light panels illuminate the area at night but also interact with the butterfly roof to push light out without causing light pollution in the area. The butterfly roof contains solar panels on its top sides to provide power as well as acts as a rain water channel to move water down into the irrigation paths to water the xeriscape plants.

The resource center is oriented around two L shapes that divide the building diagonally into two parts. Inside the light boxes hides the circulation of the building with one being stairs and the other being elevators. The building contains various resources across the building. The first floor contains the unarmed response team on one side and the counseling lobby on the other. On the second floor is the social work counseling offices with a employee lounge on the opposite side. On the third floor contains a kitchen and a soup kitchen with overnight rooms as well as shower and laundry utilities. Lastly is the roof top patio with an area for the public as well as a private patio for staff.

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Exploded Site Isometric

section perspective,, section.jpg
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Section Drawings

11.6 1st floor plan.jpg

Plan Oblique

11.6 2nd floor plan.jpg

1ST Floor Plan

11.6 3rd floor plan.jpg

2ND Floor Plan

11.6 roof plan.jpg

3RD Floor Plan

inside threshold rendering.jpg

 Roof Top Patio Plan

Interior Threshold Rendering

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