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Badlands Sculptors Retreat

El Mal Pais, New Mexico

Located in El Mal Pais national park, Badlands Sculptors Retreat is designed as three parts, gallery, studio, and residence. The retreat aims to separate the artists from civilization by becoming one with the site. The building is designed using locally sourced rammed earth for the terraced forms to appear as if it erodes into the hillside. The entrance is located in the Gallery on top for the public and terraces down the hill to the studio then the five person residence. Brown roofs are implemented on two of the three roofs to reinforce the idea of eroding into the site. All brown roofs are open space for studio work or as an extension of the gallery.

Total El malpais site edited.jpg


Site plan E4 darker.jpg

Hand Drawn Site Plan

model photo.png

Physical Model


Exterior Rendering

floor plans.jpg

Floor Plans

diagrams together.jpg

Building Diagrams

B-W Final model 3.jpg
Final model colored 4.jpg
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