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Living Curtains Social Housing

Segundo Barrio El Paso Texas

The social housing complex is located in the Segundo Barrio neighborhood in El Paso Texas. The neighborhood is amongst the lowest income communities in the country and serves as a intermediary place between the US and Mexico. The neighborhood has a large percentage of multinational as well as multifamily homes, rooms are often rented out to whole families. With that in mind Living Curtains was designed to be flexible housing to provide for a wide range of people living in the same home as well as act as a meeting place for the community.

Instead of using walls to regulate space, curtain rails are implemented along the ceiling along with multiple curtains to subdivide the spaces. A mix of transparent and solid curtains allows for spaces of visual privacy as well as providing boundaries. As the day goes on spaces open up and grow larger to fit the needs of the occupants. The curtain system on the inside is then applied to the outside of the units through a kit of parts system that allows for the freedom of creating curtain formations that can act as an extension of the home or a way to create space for recreation, work, or leisure. This allows for the creation of flexible shaded outdoor space for the occupant and the community to come together.

The form and materiality of the complex is designed to be a cultural reflection of the border and the meeting of point of two cultures. The form reflects the terraced stacking of homes across the border in Juarez as well as the use of adobe and brick materials to uplift the history and identity of the neighborhood. 

Final segundo barrio map.jpg

Segundo Barrio

environment drawing.jpg
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curtain instructions.png

Curtain Living

Curtain Instructions

working render 1.png

Section Rendering

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combined section drawings.jpg

Living Curtains Housing

Site Sections

unit diagram.jpg

Unit Section

Form Matrix.jpg

Form Process Diagrams

Curtain Matrix.jpg

Curtain Process Diagrams

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