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Art to Architecture

Inspired by Charles Ross's Solar Burn work, where he uses the sun magnifying to burn layered streaks into pieces of wood. The burn can show a physical representation of the day through the degree of a deeper burn or spots that show when clouds appear throughout the day preventing the burn. This same logic is applied through the Art to Architecture project but instead of a sun, a laser is used to cut through layers of basswood. The deeper the layers, the more powerful the sun. Each streak represents a full day. Lastly these streaks must be conceptually occupied creating spaces of interaction. This is done with the use of stairs and platforms to circulate between layers to create places of experience.

Charles Ross Solar burn art.jpg

Charles Ross Solar Burn Art

E3 diagrams 2.jpg
E3 diagrams.jpg

Charles Ross Solar Art Analysis

Art to Architecture Diagrams

E3 model 1.4.jpg
Trevor Orgill model 3.jpg
Trevor Orgill model 3.2.png
DSC_0698 (1).jpg
Trevor Orgill model 3.3.jpg
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