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Opera On The Sea

Tallinn Estonia

2021 Jeff Harner Student Award: Honorable Mention

Conceptual design for a competition to design a new national opera hall in Tallinn Estonia. Located next to the Tallinn port the site sits on a small peninsula. Entirely conceptual project allowed for the excavation of land to allow the ocean to fill in the space underneath. The building's inspired by floating drift wood that's come to shore. The form consists of two intercrossing L forms that surround a central Opera hall. The building is designed to appear as if its floating on top of the water that's filled in the land and is supported by columns underneath. The façade is designed to reflect the organic uneven shape of bark through the use of CLT panels supported by reinforced steel framing. A second interior layer of paneling takes place on the inside for a inviting atmosphere.

The building houses a 2,000 seat performance hall, an art gallery, a restaurant, A recording studio, three rehearsal studios, a food court, as well as a small performing arts school run by the Opera Hall. The building creates the unique user experience of floating on the ocean and provides a gathering and performance space that acts as a iconic landmark for Estonian culture and art. 

3d site plan.jpg

Interior Rendering

bark facade 2.jpg

Form Case Study

Inside edditted.jpg

Interior Rendering

final side section 2.jpg
opera front section.jpg

Section Perspectives

lights off2.jpg

Interior Opera Hall Rendering

Bottom Plan.jpg

Bottom Floor Plan

1st FLOOR PLAN.jpg

1ST Floor Plan

2ND Floor plan.jpg

2ND Floor Plan

3RD Floor plan.jpg

3RD Floor Plan

boat rendering.jpg

Exterior Rendering

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