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Skeleton House
School of Architecture in 2060
Downtown Seattle Washington

The Skeleton House is a school of architecture set in the year 2060 in downtown Seattle. The school will act as an example of the possibilities of large scale concrete 3d printing to inspire students to utilize innovative technologies to transition the built environment. Consisting of 80% 3D printed concrete, reinforced by steel rebar framing. Containing 140,000 sqft of space to educate 300 students at once, the Skeleton House has over 225 desks and two large fabrication labs with separate studios for the continued research of design technologies.

The school uses smart glass technology to innovate new ways for students and faculty to present work. Utilizing the smart glass to regulate sunlight into the building while doubling as a medium to display digital work at any scale across the facades. 

Lastly the school implements a new pedagogy of educational practice by linking itself to other universities across the country to share resources, technology, and faculty. Allowing for collective, cooperative research in contrast to an educational free for all between universities. 

Constructed in four phases consisting of (1) a skeletal structure, (2) poured concrete slabs, (3) printed mullions to hold smart glazing and, (4) a modular printed shading element on the façade.

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