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Keðja Kaffii
Coffee shop Information Center
Hverfjall Volcano, Iceland

Keðja Kaffi is a coffee shop and information center for Hverfjall volcano in Northern Iceland. Located at the base of the volcano it acts as a stopping point for travelers preparing to hike and returning from the volcano. Designing the inside based around the different experiences of beverages and journeys to inform space planning and seating arrangements, the coffee shop acts as a launching point and landing point for the volcano. By conceptualizing drinking experiences as cold and hot and relating them to the journey it creates two different seating arrangements. Cold experiences characterized as a more individual experience of elevated bar seating looking out into the cold, mentally preparing oneself for the climb. As well as Hot experiences after once coming down the volcano to return and warm up in the presence of friends in a sunken circle booth in the center of the building. The concept of hot and cold experiences is further formalized through the compression and expansion of the roof in relation to the designed experiences. Resulting in a compressed roof for cold experiences on the perimeter of the building and a extended dome containing a skylight above the circular hot experiences. The coffee shop also contains a walking path that contains the history of the volcano as well as a large projection and gallery space at the end making it the last stop before heading to the volcano.

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